About Us Visa for Persons of Indian Origin

Spouses and children of Indian national or nationals of Indian origin can obtain an Entry Visa valid up to 5 years on production of following documents:

Documents to be attached with Visa application:

1. Printout of Online Visa application form with uploaded photo.

2. Passport.

3. Old passport or any other nationality passport, if any.

4. Residence proof (More than 2 years residence) or dully filled Fax form for non-residents

5. Copy of the Indian passport/Cancelled Indian passport or OCI Card of the person of Indian origin for application for themselves or for his/her spouse or children.

6. Copy of Surrender Certificate/ Deemed Surrender Certificate issued to him/her upon renunciation of Indian citizenship along with cancelled Indian passport and photocopy.

7. Original apostilled copy of Marriage certificate/Original apostilled copy of Birth certificate in case of their spouses/children married/ born in Italy

8. Original Marriage certificate attested by Patiala House in case spouse married in India.

9. It is the duty of the Indian national to include his/her spouse name in his/ her Indian passport.

10. All pages of the documentation submitted should be self-attested by the applicant.

All Visa seekers are required to attach copies of their latest passport with the visa application submitted to the Embassy of India, Rome

Spouses and children of Indian nationals or nationals of Indian origin are not entitled for tourist visa. They must apply for entry visa.