About Us General Requirements for Visas

Please note that Indian e-visa service has been restored for nationals of 156 eligible countries (including Italy). To apply for e-visa (Electronic Visa) visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/

Electronic Visa  is admissable only under the following categories:

  • e-Tourist Visa (30 days/365 days/5 years)
  • e-Business Visa (365 days)
  • e-Conference Visa (30 days) 
  • e-Medical Visa 
  • e-Medical Attendent Visa

For more detailed information (duration and visa fee) please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ 

Requirements for regular / paper visas (not electronic visa) - (For all those who wish to apply for visas not in category of Electronic Visas)

All applications must be filled online. Printout of duly completed online application form is required for submission at the visa counter. The visa application should be signed by the applicant and the signature should tally with the signature in the passport. Applicants have to come personally to deposit their biometric enrollment unless this procedure has already been carried out in India.

2. Photo must be submitted and uploaded online. One colour photograph of size 5cms X 5cms with white background should be pasted in the space provided in the form as well as uploaded online. (Photo specifications) (link to photo specifications). When the upload of picture has been completed, the message “Upload successful” should appear. The picture will appear to the upper left side of the first page.

Guidelines/procedure of uploading of photos are available at http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/VSS_IMAGE.pdf

3. Original passport with validity remaining for of at least six months from the date of applying at the Embassy. The passport must have the holder's signature. Applicant has to produce all the old passports and any other passports in case of dual/multiple citizenship. In case the passport/s of the second/other nationality/ies has/has been lost or retained by the issuing authorities, applicant has to declare that in writing.

4. All Visa seekers are required to attach copies of their latest passport with the visa application submitted to the Embassy of India, Rome.

5. Applicants are advised to attach Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of the Indian as well as Italian Company (alongwith translated version of Italian document from authorized translation agency) with their visa application, in case they are applying for a Business or Employment Visa.

6. In the application form, the applicant should mention his/ her nationality as per the passport on which he/she wants to travel in the field "Current nationality", and the correspondent passport details should be inserted in the field "Passport details". As for the details of the passport related to the second nationality, it should be inserted in the field "Any other past/previous nationality" either if applicant currently holds that nationality or held it in the past.

7. At least two blank adjacent pages are required in the passport for grant of visa.

8. No handwritten passports or hand-written or stamped extensions are accepted. Only digital/ machine readable passports are accepted.

9. Correct visa fee.

10. Supporting documents, where necessary, have to be attached with the visa applications which needs to be self-attested by the applicant.

11. In case of visas for minors: Both parents should sign the application form. Estratto di Nascita, verifying the parenthood of the child, unless the parents' names are mentioned in the minor's passport, in which case also a photocopy of that page should be attached; a joint declaration by the parents stating that the minor will travel in India under their responsibility (signatures should match the ones on the respective passports). In case the minor does not travel with his/her parents but with someone else the latter should declare in writing that the minor will travel to India under his/her responsibility and the minor's parents should provide authorization in writing as explained above along with the photocopy of their passports or Italian carta d'identità, including the signature page (signatures should match the ones on the respective passports/Italian carta d'identità).

12. Data submitted at Visa counter in the Embassy cannot be corrected or changed thus applicants must double check the data before coming to the Embassy. In case of mistakes the applicant must upload a fresh application online. Incomplete/ erroneous applications will not be accepted.

13. Members of military/police forces should provide a copy of their approval of leave at the Visa counter. Those who were discharged should declare it on a plain paper attached to the application form, specifying the year of discharge.

14. Please note that at question G of the application form the applicant's job/profession should be specified clearly, with complete address of place of work. Designation / rank must be specified as well.

Please read all instructions on the application form carefully before filling it out.

Consular Wing
Tel. 0039 064884642-3-4-5 - Fax 0039  064824252
e-mail cons.rome@mea.gov.in
For Visa Queries: e-mailvisaquery.rome@mea.gov.in

Applicants may forward their complaints /grievances related to Consular/Visa matters on following e-mail addresses:


Supervisory Officer:dcmoffice.rome@mea.gov.in

Consular Officer:cons.rome@mea.gov.in

Introduction of Mandatory Biometric Enrolment

Biometric enrolment will be mandatory, as per the decision of the Govt. of India for all visa applicants.

The above Biometric enrolment will involve capture of facial and finger print data.

Exemptions from Biometric enrolment will be allowed in the following cases only:

(i) Holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service passport holders

(ii) Age of applicant is under 12 years or more than 70 years.

Biometric enrolment would be conducted during the process of submission of visa application at visa counter.

Personal presence of applicants for all the visa categories would be mandatory at the time of submission of visa application at Embassy of India, Rome.

1. Individual applicants: Any working day, from 09.30 to 11.00 hours.

2. Applicants applying through any of the authorized agencies: they can visit the Embassy and give biometrics on any working day from 11.00 hours to 12.30 hours. Such applicants should bring a copy of their passports.

By order.