About Us Student Visa

Student Visas can be obtained on furnishing proof of admission (original admission letter) from recognized Universities/Institutions in India for a maximum period of 5 years, restricted to the duration of the course,. Applicant has to provide his/ her income certificate and a letter of financial support from the parent/ guardian accompanied by a bank guarantee, along with photocopy of his/her passport or Italian carta d’identità including the page with holder's signature, tallying with the one on the letter.

Student Visa valid for three entries each academic year may be granted. If applicant intends to stay in India more than 180 days consecutive he/ she has to register at the FRRO or FRO within 14 days from arrival.

Documents to be attached with Visa application:

1. Printout of Online Visa application form with uploaded photo.

2. Passport.

3. Old passport or other nationality passport, if any/ declarations

4. Residence proof (More than 2 years residence) or duly filled Fax form for non-residents or residents for less than two years.

5. Original Admission letter issued by the Indian Institution/ University.

6. Proof of availability of sufficient money to spend during the stay in India including the expenses for hostel and tuition fees.

7. Copy of the Medical Insurance.

8. All pages of the documentation submitted should be self-attested by the applicant.

All Visa seekers are required to attach copies of their latest passport with the visa application submitted to the Embassy of India, Rome