“Setting-up of Coal to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Plant at Talcher Coalfields of MCL on Build_Own_Operate (BOO) basis” with tender ID: 2020_MCL_180234_1

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Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) is one of the major coal producing company of India. It is one of the eight subsidiaries of Coal India Limited with its headquarters at Sambalpur, Odisha, India.

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has floated Global Expression of Interest (EOI) for “Setting-up of Coal to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Plant at Talcher Coalfields of MCL on Build_Own_Operate (BOO) basis” on 14/08/2020 with tender ID: 2020_MCL_180234_1 on the website

The last date for seeking clarification on-line by the bidder is 28/08/2020 (05:00 PM). The last date for EOI submission is on or before 14/09/2020 (05:00 PM) and due for opening on 15/09/2020.

In this regard, an online interactive cum clarification session with the prospective bidders through Video Conferencing has been scheduled on 28/08/2020 at 11:00 AM

The Link for the online interactive cum clarification session has already been published under the ‘Annoucement’ tab on e-Procurement Portal of CIL i.e. and also on MCL’s Website.

Those who want to join from home/Desktop/Laptop, please enter following link in Chrome browser-

Kindly note the following technical details to join the proposed Video Conference meeting:

To connect using Desktop/Laptop etc., all concerned participants may join by clicking the above mentioned link. 

"All are also requested not to access the mentioned link through their Mobiles."


1. (1) Allow access to microphone, speaker and camera. Always allow cookies, if asked for.

2. (2) Please type the name, agree to terms and conditions and press the 'Join Meeting' button.

3. (3) All the participants who are planning to attend the session through web link need to test their PC/laptop/devices etc., by connecting well in advance ahead of their allotted time to ensure that your device is properly configured with the software and if any issues are encountered, they can be dealt with well in advance to avoid any last minute problems.

4. (4) All the participants are requested to connect their respective studios/PC/Laptop 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Please take care of the following instructions for the proposed Video Conferencing Session -

1.  (1)  All participants are required to keep their MICROPHONE Muted, when not supposed to be speaking, else it disturbs the entire VC meeting and such participants may be disconnected by the administrator in case of continuous disturbance.

2.  (2) All participants are requested to be attentive and maintain decent posture as it would be a live VC meeting.

3.  (3) Camera position should be in zoom out mode to cover maximum participants.



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