Guidelines of Ministry of Health, Government of India for International Arrivals and Domestic Travel

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F. No.Z .'28015119/2020-E(PMt'R)
. Governmenotf lndia
Ministryo f Health& FamilYW elfare
NirmanB hawanN, ewD elhi

Dated the 24th May, 2020

Governmenotf lndiah asb eent akingv ariousm easuretso wardsm anagement of CoVID 19. As part of graded responsev arioust ravel relatedr estrictionsw ere put in place and guidelineiss suedf rom time to time as per evorvings ituationA. nationwidelo ckdown was "it"r."o
since 25thM arch, 2020 ando rdersw ere issuedu nder DisasterM anagement Act. statesh aveb eena dvisedt o implemenst tringenmt easuresto breakt he chain of transmission andc ontainC OVID19.
certain activitiesh ave since been allowedi ncludingt rains for migrant workers and evacuatioonf Indians trandedin otherc ountriesR. egulatrr ains ervicesa re also being resumed in phasesa ndl imiteds erviceso f domestiac irlinesa res cheduletdo commence from 25th May' 2020.
Witha viewt o harmonizhee althr elatedin structiodnu rings ucht ravelt,h e guidelineass mentioneidn annexureasr eh erebyis sued' states/uTsa re requestedto implementth e aforesaidg uidelinesH' owever' they may
developanidm plementth eiro wn protocoal s pert heira ssessmenot f the situation with a view to effectivelcyo ntainC OVID1 9' Thisisissuedwiththeapprova|ofCompetentAuthority.


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