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COVID-19 ADVISORY (08/03/2020)

In view of the spread of COVID-19 in North Italy, the Embassy of India, Rome is closely monitoring the situation and is in touch with the Italian authorities and Indian Nationals residing in Italy. 

2. On 8th March 2020, Government of Italy has issued a new Decree imposing new travel and health restrictions for the entire region of Lombardy (MILAN) and 14 provinces of Northern Italy. We request all Indian nationals residing in Italy to observe advisories issued by Italian government, health officials, local municipalities and WHO.

3. The Embassy of India in Rome (EOI) and Consulate in Milan (CGI) remain available for contact 24X7 at the following emergency numbers:

EOI Rome

+39 331 614 2085

CGI Milan

+39 388 164 7527

4. Please note that consular services at CGI, Milan will remain temporarily closed. All Indian nationals residing in Italy are advised to take due precautions and avoid non essential travel to Rome for routine consular services. Indian Embassy in Rome is available for emergency services to Indian nationals. For visa related queries, it is requested to check recent travel advisories issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 6th March 2020.

5. In case of any health related emergency, the Italian Health Ministry hotline numbers are 1500 or 112 .

6. Please follow our website and social media for updates.


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