Inviting Global Expression of Interest for setting up Co2 Hydrogenation to Methanol facility at NTPC Power Plants in India

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NTPC Ltd. (A Government of India Enterprise) is a leading power generation company of India with total installed capacity of 63,785 MW (including JVs). It feeds a fourth of India's electricity needs or as we say "NTPC lights up every fourth bulb in the country". It is one of the most efficient power companies in India, having operations that match global standards.

NTPC Ltd., in keeping focus on decarbonisation of the Indian energy sector and India’s commitment to COP 21 for reducing GHG emissions, intends to set-up CO2 Capture, H2 Generation & Conversion to Methanol (composite facility) in aggregator mode at various NTPC power plants in India. In the proposed facility, CO2 will be captured from flue gas discharged from power station chimneys and convert captured CO2 to Methanol.

NTPC’s power plants are located in various states across the country and its power stations can be used to develop “Methanol Economy”, as initiated by NITI Aayog of India. In this regard, NTPC Ltd. has invited Global Expression of Interest (EoI) on 28.01.2021 from Indian/Global Company/their Consortium/Affiliates/Representatives.

The EoI is a pilot to evaluate the industry response, identification of suitable technology, financial viability and best possible option for commercialization.

NTPC Brochure & Copy of EoI are attached for kind reference.

EoI for CO2 capture & Conversion to Methanol at NTPC Power plants

NTPC Brochure

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