Information regarding issue of global tender number: 08191154A

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The subject tender number has been floated by STORES/DLW, for procurement of Cylindrical Roller Bearing DE *NDE CAT NO.R/9/0057 C&D NO.T201/0 08 DRG.NO.1209-01.411-020 Alt-1 1209-01.411-021 Alt-1, CLW/MS/3/032 Alt-3 one set consisting of (a) 6 Nos. of Suspension Bearing (Drive End) 1209-01 411.020 Alt.1 and (b) 6 Nos. of Suspension Bearings (Non Drive End)1209-01 411.021 Alt. 1 (It is a Safety Item) Part No. 29030110 The opening of the tender is due on 27-Dec-2019 15:00.

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