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The BRICS and the new global governance: will the 21st century be the “Indian century”? - October 6, 2016 at Embassy of India, Rome

“The BRICS and the new global governance: is the 21st century INDIA's century?” ABSTRACT
Contact Information - Consulate General of India
The paper focuses on the development of the BRICS in the international arena; onthe dominance of the economic dynamics over the political ones; on the economicpower as the driving-force of the new global governance and the need to restructureinternational organizations like United Nations. Further, it pointed out the peculiarlinkages among the five countries and the shift of the global power around them, thatwe should consider “emerged” instead of “emerging” countries. In particular thefocus is on INDIA, that, thanks to an interesting “economic policy” and thanks to thedistinctive points of the country is becoming a global power and non only aneconomic power. Among the priorities of India, that in 2016 has the chairman of theBRICS, is to foster knowledge and innovation.

In India the growth of the IT sector has been around 50% per year from 1993 tilltoday and the turnover has been around 30 billion dollars: Bangalore District isranked as one of the top Five Technology and Innovation Clusters in the world bythe Word Economic Forum and it now competes with the Silicon Valley. India, justafter the financial crash of the 1991, has understood that knowledge and humancapital are the keys for growth: a growth based on the knowledge economy that is thedistinctive point of the 21st century.

The EU has defined this era as the “era of knowledge”. Then, knowledge andinnovation could be the key tools through develop a renewed dialogue between EUand the BRICS. The “knowledge” as a bridge.

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