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Multi Sector Virtual Trade Expo – 2022 organized by Bizcoverindia

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The Export Promotion Centre, Madurai - Tamilnadu, INDIA is scheduled to organize an event titled ‘Bizcoverindia’ to be held in virtual format from 17th to 21st May, 2022.

The Export Promotion Centre (EPC) is run by Tamilnadu chamber foundation and supported by Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The vision of the EPC is to promote, support, facilitate small & medium and aspiring entrepreneurs to enhance their export trade knowledge and thereby elevating their business into International markets in a holistic and sustainable way.

The main objective of Bizcoverindia 2022 is to connect Prospective Exporters & Importers globally without stepping out from their office. 

Major Sectors Focused:

1. Agro & Food - Agriculture in India has the potential to be “the food bowl of the world”. India being the second-largest agricultural producer in the world with 98% of agricultural commodities seamlessly complying with the legally permissible upper limits for pesticide residues makes its food products among the safest commodities

2. Textiles & Apparels - With a view to attract investment, boost employment generation and increase production, the Government has approved Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for Textiles

3. Coir - Coir and coir products are exported from India to nearly 110 countries around the world.

4. Construction - In recent years, this industry has made significant contributions to the country’s economic development. Construction as an industry comprises nearly 250 subsectors that, when combined, form a formidable force.

5. IT & SAS - One of the most significant advantages of the computer and information technology industry in India is the potential for employment. Exports and FDI are two other advantages (FDI). IT outsourcing has become increasingly popular in India. 

More details are available on  https://bizcoverindia.com/expo.

You may also contact the Commercial Wing of the Embassy of India, Rome through its email IDs ie com.rome@mea.gov.in, com2.rome@mea.gov.in and commercial1.rome@mea.gov.in.

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