Embassy Officials
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Name Designation E-mail address
Dr. Neena Malhotra Ambassador amb.rome@mea.gov.in
Smt. Neeharika Singh Deputy Chief of Mission dcm.rome@mea.gov.in
Dr. B. Rajender Minister (Agriculture) agri.rome@mea.gov.in
Col. Rohit Teotia Defence Attachè def.rome@mea.gov.in
Shri Sanjay Jain Second Secretary (Head of Chancery) hoc.rome@mea.gov.in
Shri Shyam Chand C. Second Secretary (Commerce, S&T and PIC) com.rome@mea.gov.in
 - - - Political pol1.rome@mea.gov.in,
Shri Amit Pandey Attache (Admin) & DDO admn.rome@mea.gov.in
- - - (Consular, Passport, Visa & Community Affairs) cons.rome@mea.gov.in
Shri Vipan Malhotra Attaché (Consular & Passport) cons.rome@mea.gov.in
Shri R. Ramesh Attaché (PS)  amboffice.rome@mea.gov.in
Ms. Sandhya Bhatt Attaché (PS) dcmoffice.rome@mea.gov.in