Introduction of Mandatory Biometric Enrolment

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Biometric enrolment will be mandatory, as per the decision of the Govt. of India for all visa applicants.

The above Biometric enrolment will involve capture of facial and finger print data.

Exemptions from Biometric enrolment will be allowed in the following cases only:

(i) Holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service passport holders

(ii) Age of applicant is under 12 years or more than 70 years.

Biometric enrolment would be conducted during the process of submission of visa application at visa counter.

Personal presence of applicants for all the visa categories would be mandatory at the time of submission of visa application at Embassy of India, Rome.

1. Individual applicants: Any working day, from 09.30 to 11.00 hours.

2. Applicants applying through any of the authorized agencies: they can visit the Embassy and give biometrics on any working day from 11.00 hours to 12.30 hours. Such applicants should bring a copy of their passports.

By order.

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